Sin título III- Peña de Aire

Javier Sirvent

¨Peña de Aire¨, 2014
México es un estudio del paisaje y sus fantasmas. Se completó tras varios "road trips" en el bajío mexicano y se inspiró del siguiente texto, escrito de experiencia personal como catalizador para explorar el territorio.
the mad young man
standing on the side of a dust road
got a ride on a pickup truck
hoping to start his long journey back home
the man driving looked at him and said
we cut off the tongues of those who speak about us
we stick hot nails on the ears of those who listen to us
we make cigarette burns on the pupils of those who look at us
and we like burning green eyes, so we can watch them turn black
that´s the Seri indian torture
and the mad one said
mine are blue
Frame Color
Natural Wood


Type: Photo